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UIA World Congress 2023
In 2023 Copenhagen will host the Union of International Architects (UIA) World Congress – the largest of its kind in the architectural profession. The Congress, organised by the Danish Association of Architects with support from Realdania, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Wonderful Copenhagen, will explore the theme of ‘Sustainable Futures’ and discuss architects’ contributions to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The 2017 Congress took place in Seoul, South Korea, and it was on this occasion that Copenhagen was chosen to host the UIA’s 28th World Congress. Three years after the Rio de Janeiro Congress in 2020, Copenhagen will welcome 10,000 architects from all over the world on behalf of the Nordic countries.

“As architects, we have much to contribute to help realise the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals. Nordic architecture, landscaping, planning and design have a great deal to offer, and we very much look forward to sharing this with colleagues from around the world,” said Natalie Mossin, chair of the Danish Association of Architects.

UIA Commission on the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Looking towards the Congress theme of 'Sustainable Futures', the Danish Association of Architects has established a new UIA Commission that will focus specifically on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and their implications for the architectural profession. With its unique position of global representation, the Union of International Architects is well positioned to create a bridge between the targets of the UN sustainable development agenda and the practical activities of architects around the world.

The UIA Commission will respond directly to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, raising awareness, creating knowledge, facilitating communication and disseminating information across its global network of members. In doing so, the Commission aims to ensure that architects are not just responsive to the UN agenda for Sustainable Development, but prescriptive in its implementation and evolution. The commission is co-chaired by Natalie Mossin of the Danish Association of Architects and Ishtiaque Zahir Titas of Bangladesh.

The secretariat of the Commission is to be based at the Danish Association of Architects headquarters in Copenhagen, led by Annette Blegvad.