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Byrum og byliv i Ørestad Syd - in English

Creative and imaginative proposals for urban spaces

The international design competition about urban spaces and urban life promoted by the Ørestad Development Corporation ended with the award of two first prizes which will together create attractive, unique and functional urban spaces in Ørestad South.

GHB landskabsarkitekter A/S, represented by landscape architect Jacob Fischer, received the first prize of DKK 350,000 for an overall plan of urban spaces in Ørestad South, proposals for the layout and organisation of a number of activity fields in the three north-south urban spaces in the area, and proposals for the layout and functions of the seven squares set out in the competition brief, as well as proposals for activities to take place in those squares.

The second first prize of DKK 200,000 was awarded to Bystrup Arkitekter, represented by architect Erik Bystrup, for the design of two of the squares in Ørestad South: the Main Square and the Northern Sunset Square.

Competition background
In October 2006 the Ørestad Development Corporation invited entries for a competition for the design of an overall plan for urban spaces in Ørestad South. Entrants were also requested to present proposals for a number of activity fields in three north-south bands of urban space, proposals for the layout and functions of the seven squares set out in the competition brief and proposals for activities to take place in those squares.

The Ørestad Development Corporation wished to inspire entrants to design an attractive framework for the diverse community that will emerge in Ørestad South in the coming years. The competition brief was prepared on the basis of previous involvement and an analysis of potential user groups and stakeholders. Urban spaces and urban life were two equally important parameters in the competition, and entries were assessed on the basis of both architectural and social perspectives.

By the end of the competition period on 14 February 2007, a total of 42 entries had been submitted, of which 40 were accepted for assessment by the jury.

The jury’s remarks about the winning entry submitted by GHB landskabsarkitekter A/S:
"This is a charming, alluring entry of high architectural quality, featuring a fine balance between poetry and functionality. The spatial layout of the seven squares is such that a general openness is ensured despite the wealth of contents. On one hand, there is a rough, everyday robustness about the entry; on the other hand, it features a refined, elegant romantic style that is conducive of play and experiences."

About the other entry winning a first prize, the one submitted by Bystrup Arkitekter, the jury highlights the proposed layout and organisation of the Main Square, called the Square of Opportunity in the entry:
"The square will be a worthy transition to the commons, generating vibrant life. The jury is convinced that this urban space has a built-in strength that goes far beyond the here and now. The special feature of the monolithic concrete slab is that it relates to the edge of the entire city, not only to the edges of the square. It is a monument and at the same time a multipurpose element."

Furthermore, a second prize of DKK 150,000 was awarded to Arkitekt Kristine Jensens Tegnestue with professor and landscape architect Steen Høyer, and the entry submitted by landscape architect Lisbeth Westergaard was purchased for DKK 50,000.

Jens Kramer Mikkelsen, CEO of the Ørestad Development Corporation, is very pleased with the result of the competition:

"We had high hopes for the outcome of this competition, but I had not expected to see so many creative and imaginative proposals. The quality of the entries submitted is very high, and the two first-prize winners will definitely help to achieve our vision of a diverse urban community emerging in Ørestad South in the coming years.”