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Three winning projects for the future Nordhavn

The project competition for the future Nordhavn has closed. The jury has had 180 projects from all over the world to choose from. This morning three winning projects were named: One Norwegian and two Danish drawing offices.
Today marks a milestone in the future development of Nordhavnen, its 200 hectares representing the largest urban development project in Scandinavia.

In random sequence, the three projects which were each awarded 600,000 DKK are
Project No. 4/63541: The Danish drawing office Polyform in cooperation with Cenergia Energi Consulting, Deloitte and Oluf Jørgensen A/S: "Nordre Frikvarter". The project is based on experiences made in other cities combined with demands and dreams of the future. It has been chosen particularly because of the convincing structure plan, i.e. the overall plan for the entire Nordhavn, which has a feel for the area and is well-founded.

Project No. 48/18295: The Danish drawing office COBE in cooperation with SLETH and the engineering company Rambøll: "Nordholmene, urban delta". The project divides Nordhavnen into a series of independent islets, each having its own identity. The project has been chosen especially because of the suggested structure plan, raising expectations of "the good city".

Project No. 135/25144: The Norwegian drawing offices 70° architecture as and Dahl & Uhre Architects: "Excentral Park – Edge Dynamics". The project is based primarily on a landscape concept suggesting a park band surrounding the whole Nordhavn area. It has been chosen particularly because it uses the specific landscape of the area and creates close relations between land and water.

Furthermore, seven awards have been given: two second prizes of each 300,000 DKK, two third prizes of 200,000 DKK and four "purchases" of 50,000 DKK. Of the 11 prize-winning projects, five are from Denmark, two from Norway, two from England, one from Sweden/the Netherlands and one from Finland.

Lord Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard says,
"The three winning projects unfold impressive political visions for Nordhavnen. We shall need a sustainable Nordhavn, both environmentally and socially, to open up Nordhavnen for all Copenhageners. This ambition has high priority in all three projects. I am sure that all three projects may put Nordhavnen on the map as the sustainable city district of the future."

Klaus Bondam, Mayor of the Technical and Environmental Administration, says,
"Nordre Frikvarter, Nordholmene and Excentral Park – not only the names of the projects are creative, so are the projects themselves. They look forward and they look promising for the future generations of Copenhageners. I already have a vision of Nordhavnen full of express bicycle paths, pocket parks and plenty of life close to the waterfront."

Carsten Koch, Chairman of the Board of CPH City & Port Development, says,
"In all 180 projects there is something useful and imaginative. The urban development of Nordhavnen must build on a commercial basis over the next 40 to 50 years, and already now we must make decisions concerning the framework for the development of the area. This is a responsibility that obliges us, and I am convinced that the future Nordhavn will live up to all the expectations we have of the city of the future."

The next steps
The 20 jury members have finished their work, and a group consisting of representatives from the City of Copenhagen and CPH City & Port Development will now initiate discussions with the three winners to qualify the projects – in the end, one of the three will be appointed adviser on the urban development of Nordhavnen.

This process will finish at the end of February, and the name of the final winner/adviser will be published on March 2, 2009.

See the jury report here (LINK)

The three 1. prize winning proposals :
Polyform, Danmark

COBE, SLETH og Rambøll A/S, Danmark

70°N arkitektur as, Norge

PDF slide show of the winning proposals(LINK)

Virtual gallery of all 180 participating projects

Total list of the prize winners(LINK)

List of other proposals (LINK)

Further information about the competition
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